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What Causes Home Fires?

While home fires are not something families would like to think about, it is important to know that it is a real possibility and fire hazards should not be ignored. Below are some top causes of home fires.

Cooking Fire
- Never leave the stove unattended when cooking, particularly when deep frying. Cooking fires are among the top if not the number 1 cause of home fires. Open flames from the stove and intense oven heat can easily get out of hand.

Overused Appliances–Faulty or over-used appliances can easily cause a fire with just a few sparks. Heating systems, especially space heaters and wood stoves, can ignite household items nearby. Be sure to let an electrician install any new electrical system.

Smoking- Lit cigarettes that accidentally drop on household items can quickly escalate into a large home fire. Avoid smoking indoors. If you have to smoke, try smoking outside.

Candles - Leaving a lit candle unattended can quickly lead to a house fire. Flammable items left near a candle can also easily catch fire. Reduce this risk by trimming the wick of your or just use battery operated candles.

Children (playing with fire) - Keep matches, lighters, and candles out of children’s reach. Be sure to educate your keiki (children) about the importance of fire safety.

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