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Identifying Fire Hazards in Your Home

Fire hazards can be found in many places of your home. From lint in your dryer, to faulty electrical wires, to various items you store in your attic or junk drawer, a lot of things can be a fire hazard without you even realizing it. Here are a few common fire hazards.

Check Your Dryer - Dryers are one of the most common causes of appliance fires. The lint from your dryer so make it a habit to clean out the lint screen every time you use your dryer.

Electronics and Outlets – Inspect your appliances to make sure that each is on its own outlet as much as possible. For electronics, unplug them when they’re not in use and avoid running extension cords under rugs. Make sure your lamps are all using bulbs with wattage equal to or less than what the manufacturer recommends as well.

Faulty wiring - Homes with faulty wiring can cause fires, some red flags include lights dim if you use another appliance, frequently blown fuses or tripped circuits. If any of these occur in your home, it’s best to have a licensed electrician come and inspect you house

Inspect Your Attic and Storage Areas
– Your attic, garage, or yard can be fire hazards as well. Avoid keeping old newspapers or batteries and if you have flammable liquids at home, keep them away from heat sources and check the label before storing. Be careful when pouring these liquids.

Avoid using portable and/or fixed space heaters –Heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fire deaths.

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