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Fire Escape Planning for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Here are some fire safety tips for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Check for access - If you use a walker or wheelchair, check all the exits to ensure that you can get through the doorways. If you are living with someone who uses a wheelchair, make necessary accommodations such as providing exit ramps or even widening doorways to ensure a smooth emergency exit.

Communicate – Be sure to speak to your family members, building manager or neighbors about your fire safety plan and practice it with them.

Be in touch with the local fire department - Contact your local fire department's non-emergency line and explain your special needs. Ask emergency providers to keep your special needs information on file.

Be near a phone - Have your phone near your bed and be ready to call 911 if a fire occurs.

Audible alarms – If you are or live with someone who is visually impaired, have an audible fire alarm that pauses with a small window of silence between each successive cycle so that they can listen to the instructions or voices of others.

Smoke alarms – For the hearing impaired, contact your local fire department for information about obtaining a flashing or vibrating smoke alarm. There are also smoke alarms with strobe lights that can be placed outside the home to catch the neighbors attention and emergency call systems that can call for help.

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