• Does Your Family Have a Meeting Spot In the Event of a Fire?

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Does Your Family Have a Meeting Spot in the Event of a Fire?

In the event a home fire, having a place to meet is a great idea in case you get separated during evacuation or if it’s not feasible to return to your home or apartment.

Meet outside your home or building - If you can’t meet inside your home or apartment, meeting somewhere close by is a good first option - if it’s safe to do so. Pick a spot that’s very specific that everyone can remember and find easily such as a tree, a telephone pole, or mailbox.

Meet somewhere near your home or apartment - If meeting outside of your place is not a safe option, the next best choice is to have a nearby location in your neighborhood where your household could easily meet up. Perhaps a park or a public building that everyone is familiar with.

Meet somewhere far away – In extreme cases when the fire is destructive and it’s not safe to be nearby, pick a meeting place that’s a bit far away. Make sure everyone is still familiar with this location and is accessible to all family members.

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