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      Different Types of Fire Extinguishers

      Fire extinguishers can help in the early stages of a fire if you know how to operate it and are in a safe location to use them. It is important for every household to have at least one fire extinguisher at home. However, it is just as important to know how to properly use it in the event of a fire. Here are a few tips and information about fire extinguishers.

      Fires are classified under five different categories depending on what is burning and there are five corresponding fire extinguishers for each class of fire:

    • Class A – these are for ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth or items that turn to “ash”
    • Class B - for flammable liquids and gases or things that may “boil”
    • Class C - for electrical fires or anything that has “current” in it
    • Class D - for combustible metals such as lithium, magnesium, sodium and potassium; these fires produce “dazzling” bright white sparks
    • Class K – these are for cooking fires involving oils, fats or grease found in “kitchens”

      All fire extinguishers should be labeled to indicate which classes of fire they are designed to combat. Most household fire extinguishers are considered multipurpose and labeled for use in A, B, and C classes. Fire extinguishers suited for Class K fires need to be bought separately.

      When it comes to using a fire extinguisher use, remember the acronym

    • P - Pull the pin out of the handle of the fire extinguisher
    • A - Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
    • S - Squeeze the handle or lever with one hand
    • S - Sweep the nozzle side to side and from front to back until the flames are extinguished

      before you operate a fire extinguisher, be sure that you have a clear evacuation route. If you cannot put out the fire, make sure you can get to an exit safely.

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