• Carbon Monoxide Sensors/ Detectors / Alarms


No home should be without carbon monoxide monitoring. CO is completely odorless, colorless and undetectable by humans. Our network detects this silent killer and alerts you in multiple ways before lethal levels occur.


  • Most advanced electro-chemical CO sensor available
  • Fastest responding CO alarm on the market
  • Quartz Crystal Oscillator
  • Texas Instruments microprocessor-controlled
  • Proprietary wireless connection
  • One touch silence feature
  • 100 db Piezo Horn
  • Rate-of-Rise with Dual Differentiation Technology
  • 94 VO flame rated to UL Standards
  • Meets 10-Year tamper resistant requirement with 20 year industrial LiMn sealed battery
  • 200 foot radio frequency range
  • Self diagnostics
  • Lifetime fire replacement warranty
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

Proper Placement

Owner’s Manual
Download Carbon Monoxide Sensor Owner’s Manual (pdf)

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